Global Warming Follies


The Global Warming Follies has two main purposes. It tracks, in the “Follies” section, the wacky world of the “Climate Change” true believers as they explain, in so many humorous ways, their views of global warming’s causes, effects and cures. Whether its sheep farts supposedly causing global warming or kangaroo farts curing it, we hope you’ll find the Kool-Aid drinker’s tortured logic as side-splittingly funny as we do.

On the other hand, we are not here to say that global warming is not happening. We don’t know if it is or not. The Earth’s temperature apparently did increase somewhat in recent decades but interestingly NOT since 1998, but we don’t know that anything Man did caused it. And, no matter what you hear reported everywhere, no one else does either because scientific theories and computer model projections do not constitute proof. In fact, since temperatures haven’t risen at all in nearly a decade it appears that any rising may have already stopped. Further, because CO2 levels have continued to rise in the interim some scientists say that perhaps higher CO2 levels do not cause rising temperatures, but rather, higher CO2 levels are an effect of higher temperatures.

In any event, we believe that there are problems with the unquestioning way that theories, computer model projections and potentially inaccurate temperature readings are cited by the media as proof positive of man-made global warming. We also find it interesting that, while the media seems to question everything else, they are remarkably incurious on this topic. So, in order to bring some balance to the debate, we also publish in the “Common Sense” section articles that will hopefully cause you to think a little bit before you accept everything you’re told by the media on the subject of global warming.


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