Global Warming Follies

Climate scientist used car dealers

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on February 5, 2010

Michael Barone believes that the “climate change” scare crowd has jumped the shark from a credibility standpoint and may have damaged the whole movement into ineffectivenes.

Quick, name the most distrusted occupations. Trial lawyers? …Used car dealers? …over the last three months a new profession has moved smartly up the list and threatens to overtake all. Climate scientist.

…the Climategate e-mails made public in November… showed how top-level climate scientists distorted research, plotted to destroy data and conspired to prevent publication of dissenting views. …The e-mails conclusively establish the intellectual dishonesty of the climate scientists at the CRU and their co-conspirators.

The e-mails were just the start of the UN Warmongers woes. Since that story broke last fall they have:

  1. Admitted getting it wrong about Himilayan glacial melt by over 300 years;
  2. Admitted using non-peer-reviewed scientific sources in their 2007 report; and,
  3. Been found to have used as sources statements by advocacy groups like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Federation, including an anti-smoking activist quoted about warming damaging 40% of the Amazon rain forest in the same report.

As Mr Barone concludes:

Unfortunately, the cadre of climate scientists who have dominated public discussion and have controlled the IPCC have been demonstrated to be far, far less than trustworthy. Like the theorists who invented epicycles to explain away the failure of Ptolemaic theory to account for astronomical observations, they have distorted science in the interest of something that resembles religious dogma.




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