Global Warming Follies

You don’t say

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on December 15, 2009

A doctrine of faith of the Global Warming alarmists’ religion has been to point to retreating glaciers and blame it all on AGW. The focus has been on how fast they’ve been melting and the supposedly dire results for the local population if that melting continues. 

The “concensus” cause of  glacial melting has been assumed to be AGW. The “concensus” solution is, of course, to control carbon output and hence each of our lives.

Now comes the Swiss reporting a “surprising” finding:

…Their study into the impact of solar radiation on Alpine glaciers made the “surprising discovery” that in the 1940s, and especially summer 1947, the ice floes lost the most ice since measurements begin 95 years ago, according to Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology.

…The researchers found from historic data on three Swiss glaciers, as well as radiation recordings from the eastern Alpine town of Davos, that the level of sunshine in the 1940s was eight percent higher than average and significantly higher than now.

As a result, snow and ice melted by about four percent.

Four percent? That sounds like a lot! And it occured 70 years ago.

So what happened since then?

A phase of less sunshine — global dimming — from the 1950s to 1980s also corresponded with the advance in the snout of glaciers.

Interesting…  So the glaciers retreated big-time  during a period of increasing CO2 emisions. And then they grew during a period of faster CO2 emissions.

Do we see a pattern here? OF COURSE NOT!

But since the cannon of GW scripture says humans caused glacial retreat by emitting CO2 the GW alarmists ignore the fact pattern and hope you will too.



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