Global Warming Follies

The Gore Lied computer model

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on April 21, 2009

Here’s a fun one from the GORE LIED blog. A computer model they developed predicts the demise of belief in global warming.

Rasmussen Reports has reported that the public’s belief in man-made global warming has decreased from 47% to 34% in just one year.

The GORE LIED computer model below shows  that at the current rate of loss of belief in man-made global warming that such belief will be virtually non-existent by 2020 (with the exception of Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Joe Romm, and a few other assorted dead-enders).



Finally!!! The people are wising up to the GW scam! And we know it must be true because it IS projected by a computer model, after all!

Thanks to Bro John for the tip.



Stay slim to save the planet

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on April 20, 2009

Hard to believe but true! At least according to the nut-jobs at something called the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

“When it comes to food consumption, moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler,” and food production is a major source of greenhouse gases, researchers Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts wrote in their study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

“We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend toward fatness, and recognize it as a key factor in the battle to reduce (carbon) emissions and slow climate change,” the British scientists said.

So there you have it you fattys out there. You, personally, are killing the planet! How dare you? I think, at the very least, you need to pay a carbon tax. In the alternative you can enter into a cap and trade arrangement with an ultra-skinny supermodel until you come back into body weight compliance.