Global Warming Follies

Looks like the global warming fad may have jumped the shark.

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on November 28, 2008

Lawrence Solomon’s prediction that today’s “Wal-Mart environmentalism” may have reached it zenith and is now waning has gotten a boost from a major new poll of 12,000 people from 11 countries. 

PARIS – There is both growing public reluctance to make personal sacrifices and a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the major international efforts now underway to battle climate change, according to findings of a poll of 12,000 citizens in 11 countries, including Canada.

Results of the poll were released this week in advance of the start of a major international conference in Poland where delegates are considering steps toward a new international climate-change treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.

Less than half of those surveyed, or 47 per cent, said they were prepared to make personal lifestyle changes to reduce carbon emissions, down from 58 per cent last year.

Thank goodness for the basic intelligence of the world’s people. When you ask them to spend their time or money on a cause (as opposed to asking “someone else” to do it) you’d better have a good answer. 

Only 37 per cent said they were willing to spend “extra time” on the effort, an eight-point drop.

And only one in five respondents – or 20 per cent – said they’d spend extra money to reduce climate change. That’s down from 28 per cent a year ago.

… 27 per cent… wanted their governments to participate in Kyoto-style international agreements to reduce emissions.

But wait! The environmentalists’ answer is not that such efforts aren’t necessary, its that they’re too hard.

“There’s consumer reluctance that’s creeping in, and we’ve seen that some are being stunned into inaction by the enormity of the task,” said Earthwatch executive vice-president Nigel Winser.

Yeah, that’s what’s got me saying “no”. I’m “stunned by the enormity of the task”. Right. 

Or maybe its because the people need to be more “educated” so that they will “understand”.

[The report said] “More needs to be done to inform consumers about measures such as green taxation or carbon trading to help them understand how tangible these can be.”

The arrogance of these people is what’s stunning.  But you can be certain that politicians listen to their people very closely. 

The poll helps explain why outgoing [Canadian] Liberal Leader Stephane Dion had so much difficulty during the election campaign trying to sell his Green Shift platform that proposed a carbon tax in order to encourage emission reductions.

The environementalists, on the otherhand, are just delusional.

Earthwatch’s Winser said the silver lining in the poll was that it stresses public dissatisfaction with the performance of all governments.

“We welcome this survey because it shows that individuals want their governments to do more.”

When only 27% of those polled say they want a Kyoto-style agreement, meaning that 73% don’t,  this guy thinks that it actually means that individuals want their governments to do more. If you run accross this guy on the street you’ll recognize him by his tinfoil hat.



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