Global Warming Follies

China GW update: You need to give up your lifestyle!

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on November 7, 2008

It’s hasn’t been about “Global Warming” or even “Climate Change” for quite some time. The European Green Party, populated mostly by former members of the Communist Party, knows that the best way to control you is to control your carbon emissions.  They’re right. American leftists may or may not agree with the motive but they certainly go along with the program.

Thank goodness we have the real Communists, the Chinese, exposing their motives for all to see. Newly wrapped up in the Global Warming flag, is the same old agenda of a worldwide centralized economy. And a major ally is the U.N.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and a top UN official urged industrialised nations Friday to alter their lifestyles and investment modes as part of efforts to tackle global warming.

“The developed countries have a responsibility and an obligation to respond to global climate change by altering their unsustainable way of life,” Wen was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

So there you have it. The target is you and your awful ways.  Oh yes, and step number one is for you to send your money, and the technology you paid for, to China…free of charge, of course.

The gathering in Beijing, which is being attended by representatives from 76 nations, is focusing on the development and transfer of technology that can help tackle climate change ahead of next month’s talks on creating a new global treaty on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

China proposed last week that rich nations devote one percent of their economic output toward helping poor countries fight global warming.

The UN, always willing to spend your money and control what you think and do, is worried that that might not happen. Oh, and don’t forget, its all your fault.

Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, said Friday a lack of firm funding commitments could derail efforts to cut emissions in developing countries, especially during the financial crisis.

In the landmark Kyoto Protocol, rich nations agreed to targets for cutting greenhouse gases as well as helping to transfer clean technology to developing nations to help them reduce their emissions.

But much of the pledged transfers are not happening, said de Boer.

“Industrial countries must meet their technology transfer obligations,” he told journalists.

“Given their historical responsibility for the problem, it is essential that industrialised countries take the lead in reducing emissions and that they show real leadership (in climate change negotiations).”

But don’t worry there’s a plan in place to fix this problem and make sure that you pay your fair share:

Formal negotiations on a new treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012 will begin in Poznan, Poland next month, with the UN hoping that a new agreement will be ready by the end of 2009, de Boer said.

“Governments have used 2008 to gather information and clarify their positions on a number of topics. At Poznan governments need to go into full negotiation mode and make concrete results,” he said.

I’m betting that America’s recent conversion to the Church of Global Warming, means that we will be as active supporters of our new religion as most converts. (Hold on to your wallets when our new US government represents you in Poznan.)

Oh. And, after getting up on its high horse, what will China do to stop this menace of global warming? Apparently, not much.

China has long resisted calls to join rich nations in setting targets for emissions cuts, saying its relatively low per capita emissions and recent emergence as a major source of greenhouse gases should exempt it from action.

Scientists said in September that China had leapfrogged the United States as the world’s biggest producer of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the principal gases that cause global warming.

Heaven help us.



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