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China asks for cash

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on October 29, 2008

[Sorry about the formatting but WordPress seems to be having problems tonight and I’ve given up trying to fix it. So we’ve posted with this adjustment: underlined sentences are quotes from the sourced article.}

China decided not to play in the Kyoto Accord sandbox claiming to be a “developing nation”. As a result it reaped great benefits by doing things such as selling “carbon credits” by building new coal-fired power plants and then agreeing not to run them.

Now China is now exploiting its “developing nation” status to demand that we give them lots of money and a bunch of technological know-how to fight the “scourge of global warming”.

China demands that countries that have already worked hard and spent enormous sums to clean up their own environments, like the United States, now transfer some their national incomes to clean up China. Something it has refused to do for itself.

“The funds that developed countries provide for developing countries to deal with climate change      should represent approximately 1% of the GDP of the developed countries,” said Gao Guangsheng, who heads the climate change office at China’s top economic planning body.

Of course one of those “poorer nations” just happens to be China. Forget China’s 11% annual GDP growth rate and the exploitation of its population in a rush to industrialization. Forget its lack of basic human rights for its people: its persecution of people with religious beliefs: its “one child” policies that encourage the abortion and infanticide of its female infants. This “poor nation” DEMANDS 1% our GDP so that they can save the planet.

China now generates a large share of the world’s greenhouse gases, with some experts saying it has already overtaken the US as the biggest. Gao said the developing countries had to take action to fight climate change, but that richer countries must provide money and technology to help poorer ones.

China has ignored its own pollution in order to gain market share. Its development has relied on an exploited populous and an exploited environment. Now they demand that we give them our money in order to help them “deal with climate change”. Pretty neat huh?

China’s produces more pollution than the US and yet its GDP is only 25% that of the US. The US produces 25% of the world’s goods and China produces about 6%. This means that the US produces about 5 times the goods that mankind needs than China with less pollution. And yet we are being asked to give them, and others like them, 1% of our GDP? We are to reward this type of economic folly?

So who do you think supports this kind of thing? The answer won’t surprise most of you.

Gao’s remarks also come ahead of an international conference on climate change next month in Beijing, organised by the UN and the Chinese government, to promote transfer of international green technology.

The US rejected the Kyoto accord, arguing it would harm American business and made no comparable demands on emerging economies. China, India and other large developing countries signed the accord but refused to accept a binding agreement that they said would limit their development and their ability to ease poverty at home.

Sounds pretty smart of us doesn’t it?



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