Global Warming Follies

A cool 2008.

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on August 25, 2008

The trend continues with no heating since 1998 and a real downward trend in the last few years. We may even have to wait another ten or eleven years before we get more warming.

This year appears set to be the coolest globally this century.

Data from the UK Met Office shows that temperatures in the first half of the year have been more than 0.1 Celsius cooler than any year since 2000.

The principal reason is La Nina, part of the natural cycle that also includes El Nino, which cools the globe.


Earlier this year, one group of researchers suggested that another natural cycle, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, was likely to hold temperatures steady for about the next decade, before reversing direction and allowing a renewed warming.

We can’t believe the weather forecast more than 3 days out and yet we’re supposed to change the economy and the way we live for something that the GW fanatics now predict may begin happening ten years from now? Have you noticed that the problem is ALWAYS ten years out?

So how good are predictions they make for only six months or so out:


Earlier in the year, there were indications that 2008 could see even more ice lost than in the record-breaking melt of 2007.

Currently, the ice appears to be holding together better than a year ago, although scientists are wary as much of it is relatively fragile ice that formed in a single winter.

So not only couldn’t they get it right, the opposite happened.  We have GOT to begin demanding some accountability from these people.



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