Global Warming Follies

Now the floods in Iowa were caused by Global Warming

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on July 2, 2008

Floods like those that inundated the U.S. Midwest are supposed to occur once every 500 years but this is the second since 1993, suggesting flawed forecasts that do not take global warming into account, conservation experts said on Tuesday.

“Although no single weather event can be attributed to global warming, it’s critical to understand that a warming climate is supplying the very conditions that fuel these kinds of weather events,” said Amanda Staudt, a climate scientist with the National Wildlife Federation.

Since there has been no warming since 1998 why haven’t we had floods like this every year since?  This is just another in a long list of sad examples of the kind  scare mongering, using real human suffering, the GW crowd employs to press their political agenda. These people have no shame.



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