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Whose running the asylum?

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on June 25, 2008

The People’s Republic of Madison now brings you its latest fruitcake idea in the name of stopping global warming.

First it was a proposed ban on plastic bags.

Now, a member of the influential Madison Plan Commission wants to ban the restaurant drive-through — or at least restrict the ubiquitous symbol of America’s auto-centric lifestyle.

“Given the concern about all the carbon going into the atmosphere, I’m not sure we should be building more places for people to sit idling in their cars,” says Eric Sundquist, who was appointed to the citizen panel by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz this spring.

Normally the citizens of Moscow-on-the-Wisconsin are pretty darned liberal so funny proposals are fairly commonplace. But this time it took a combination of traits to reach this level of idiocy. (emphasis added)

A former newspaper reporter in Atlanta now working as a researcher at the UW-Madison’s Center on Wisconsin Strategy, Sundquist notes that several cities in Canada have recently moved to ban the drive-through coffee shop or stand-alone fast food restaurant


“Bans haven’t gotten as far in the U.S., although I know San Luis Obispo, Calif., has one,” he says.

Yes. It took a former newspaper reporter to come up with this!



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  1. Erin said,

    This is a bit of a long read but worth it.

    It’s George Carlin on the Environment. So, naturally there are quite a few f-bombs. He may have been anti-pretty much everything and dirtier that a sailor in July (I just made that up now) but this was truly great.

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