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Press manipulates the news on GW (2)

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Confirming, once again, what you always knew about the press and its advocacy approach to its business, the managing editor of Time magazine, nonetheless, make some surprisingly candid statements.


Time magazine continued to defend its manipulation of the classic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo – calling it a “point of view.” Managing Editor Richard Stengel said the cover art was part of the publication’s global warming advocacy and a way of forcing readers to “pay attention.”


     Stengel defied the traditional notion that journalists should be unbiased. “I didn’t go to journalism school,” Stengel said. “But this notion that journalism is objective, or must be objective is something that has always bothered me – because the notion about objectivity is in some ways a fantasy. I don’t know that there is as such a thing as objectivity.”


     Stengel supported his claim by stating the role of journalists is not to ask questions, but answer them.


That’s right. You heard right. The press doesn’t ask questions they tell you the answer that they “know’ to be true.



This is hilarious!

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So much for global warming. Earth Day festivities went ahead despite the blast of frigid weather yesterday.

Vendors and presenters from various eco-friendly groups, including Bullfrog Power, CO2 Reduction Edmonton and the local solar energy society, crammed into a lone tent in Hawrelak Park after a blizzard forced them to abandon their original locations.


“We’re normally here with a lineup of cyclists for our free bike repair service. No bikers came today. Big surprise,” said Chris Field of Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

A handful of visitors still took the time to inquire about several solar-powered products on display at the M.E.C. booth and browsed several others before running off toward the lone heater in the tent to warm up.

A lemonade vendor towards the front might as well not have been there.

“Obviously we’ll have fewer people than we would have liked, but to cancel an Earth Day event because of weather would kind of be the antithesis of what this is all about,” said organizer Janice Boudreau.

Unfortunately “what this is all about” is poppycock. Irony is completely lost on these people.


Never mind yet again!

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Another part of the GW mythology comes crashing to the ground. Will Algore change the cover of his book? Don’t bet on it. This truth is too inconvenient for him to admit to.

One of the most influential scientists behind the theory that global warming has intensified recent hurricane activity says he will reconsider his stand.

The hurricane expert, Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, unveiled a novel technique for predicting future hurricane activity this week. The new work suggests that, even in a dramatically warming world, hurricane frequency and intensity may not substantially rise during the next two centuries.

The research, appearing in the March issue of Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, is all the more remarkable coming from Emanuel, a highly visible leader in his field and long an ardent proponent of a link between global warming and much stronger hurricanes.


His changing views could influence other scientists.

During and after the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, which were replete with mega-storms and U.S. landfalls, scientists dived into the question of whether rising ocean temperatures, attributed primarily to global warming, were causing stronger storms.

Among the first to publish was Emanuel, who — just three weeks before Hurricane Katrina’s landfall — published a paper in Nature that concluded a key measurement of the power dissipated by a storm during its lifetime had risen dramatically since the mid-1970s.

In the future, he argued, incredibly active hurricane years such as 2005 would become the norm rather than flukes.

This view, amplified by environmentalists and others concerned about global warming helped establish in the public’s mind that “super” hurricanes were one of climate change’s most critical threats. A satellite image of a hurricane emanating from a smokestack featured prominently in promotions for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.



Press manipulates the news on GW

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I know this is kind of a “dog-bites-man” post but follow the links to see how bad it is.

NewsBusters has just learned that a British “climate activist” was responsible for getting the BBC to radically alter its “Global Temperatures ‘To Decrease'” article last Friday.

As reported Sunday, the third paragraph of what previously had been a very balanced piece about how global temperatures have been declining since 1998 was totally reworded in order to make the report just another hysterical climate change pronouncement.


Again with that global cooling nonsense! :)

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Here’s yet another scientist saying that mankind-caused GW is a myth and maybe the opposite is true. I note that many of these scientists are retired. What do you think that means? To me it means that they don’t have any research grants at risk and can say what they want to say.

Fluctuations in solar radiation could mean colder weather in the decades ahead, despite all the talk about global warming, retired Western Washington University geologist Don Easterbrook said Tuesday.

Easterbrook is convinced that the threat of global warming from mankind’s carbon dioxide pollution is overblown.

In a campus lecture, he cited centuries of climate data in an effort to convince a somewhat skeptical audience that carbon dioxide’s impact on climate is being much exaggerated by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and by scientists who appear to have won the debate over global warming.

“Despite all you hear about the debate being over, the debate is just starting,” Easterbrook said.

Easterbrook doesn’t deny that the Earth’s climate has been warming slowly since about 1980. But he argued that this warming trend fits a longstanding pattern of warming and cooling cycles that last roughly 30 years. Sunspot activity and other solar changes appear to explain the 30-year cycles, he said.

If that pattern persists, the earth could now be close to the next 30-year cooling cycle, Easterbrook said.

He noted that the 2007-08 winter set records for cold and snow in many parts of the globe. According to the data he displayed, the Earth’s temperature hit a peak in 1998 and has been steady or slightly cooler since then.

“One cold winter doesn’t mean much of anything,” he said. “A 10-year trend is interesting.”

He contended that warming periods appear to match periods of sunspot activity, which currently is at a low point.

Easterbrook noted that astrophysicists have been expecting that activity to begin increasing soon, but so far it has not.

Prolonged periods of low activity could lead to a dramatic cooling such as occurred in Europe during the so-called “Little Ice Age,” a term loosely used to describe cooler weather in the 14th to 19th centuries, Easterbrook said.



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Global warming may spark worldwide beer crisis: Experts

Experts say that barley crops could fail in the heat that may lead to the scarcity of one of the key ingredients of beer.

It will mean either there will be pubs without beer or the cost of beer will go up, the Daily Star quoted Jim Salinger, a climate scientist, as telling New Zealand’s Institute of Brewing and Distilling convention.

He said that the crisis could be prevented by developing heat-resistant strains of malting barley.

It will provide a lot of challenges, he added.

Don’t you DARE disagree!

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Here’s an example of what happens to those who don’t follow the accepted ideology.

RESPECTED academic Don Aitkin has seen the ugly side of the climate change debate after being warned he faced demonisation if he challenged the accepted wisdom that global warming poses a danger to humanity.

Professor Aitkin told The Australian yesterday he had been told he was “out of his mind” by some in the media after writing that the science of global warming “doesn’t seem to stack up”.

Declaring global warming might not be such an important issue, Professor Aitkin argued in a speech to the Planning Insitute of Australia this month that counter measures such as carbon trading were likely to be unnecessary, expensive and futile without stronger evidence of a crisis.

The eminent historian and political scientist said in a speech called A Cool Look at Global Warming, which has received little public attention, that he was urged not to express his contrary views to orthodox thinking because he would be demonised.

He says critics who question the impact of global warming are commonly ignored or attacked because “scientist activists” from a quasi-religious movement have spread a flawed message that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.


People for the Endorsement of Trivial Affairs (PETA)

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PETA wants you to be a vegetarian. Not surprising, of course, but they put a little twist on it this time. They are pushing Massachusetts residents to avoid meat because it’s production is the “LEADING cause of global warming.” Naturally, they reference their own study on the matter (unbiased, I’m sure).

While PETA commends the governor for taking a stand against global warming, the group points out that there’s more to be gained by going vegetarian than by increasing restrictions on auto- and power-plant emissions. In its recent report Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options, the United Nations determined that raising animals for food generates about 40 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, SUVs, trucks, and airplanes in the world combined.


“While waiting for the courts to rule on the petition, the governor can take immediate action against global warming by launching a pro-health, pro-Earth vegetarian initiative today,” says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich. “Because meat production is the main greenhouse-gas culprit, there’s no way to go green without forgoing meat.”

Link (PETA)