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Fifth-graders fight global warming with art

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on March 29, 2008

More indocrination of our kids.

Fifth-grade students in Lisa Maddox’s Rockport Elementary class are trying to put a stop to global warming with their artwork.

In the program Art Against Global Warming, sponsored by Gloucester-based clinical psychologist Mark Konecky, students transform their ideas into artwork to express and share how the world can be a better place if global warming is stopped.

For Konecky, the experience has been inspiring and empowering as he is doing something that helps children feel more active, energized, and powerful, he said. His goal for the students is to help make them agents for positive change in the community.

“My hope is that the children feel, working as individuals and as a group, that they are agents for positive change and they can help educate their peers and their parents about some of the problems that they’re concerned about in the world, and they can also be educating themselves,” he said.

So a “clinical psychologist” is teaching kids to “feel more active , energized and powerful”. I’m guessing their parents might have an idea about the need for those emotions. I’m also thinking they’ll have a thing or two to say about  having their fifth  graders “educate” them.  Then again, with the state of parenthood these days, maybe not.



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  1. brodie said,

    Exactly! The first time my kid comes home telling me that his teacher wants him to educate me on this issue, I will have problems with that.

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