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More airplane BS

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on March 25, 2008

We’ve discussed the unnecessary freakouts over things related to air travel before, and this one isn’t much different. Emirates Airlines is putting showers in its new luxury Airbus A380s. It’ll cost a passenger around $18,000 to take a shower midflight, but is that really what matters?

Fly to New York with Emirates this autumn and you’ll be able to take a hot shower in midair, but it will cost you more than £9,000 and give you a shocking carbon footprint.

The aircraft will carry an extra tonne of water to feed the first-class shower — a payload equivalent to 12 extra passengers and incurring a carbon cost of 48,455lb for every return flight.

“It’s symptomatic of who really benefits,” says Plane Stupid’s Robbie Gillett. “The richest 18% in this country take 54% of all flights. The government is telling us to take fewer flights, but the huge increase in air traffic is not due to ordinary people going on family holidays, but because of excessive flying by the moneyed classes. Is this the type of development the aviation industry really needs?”

Shame on you, moneyed classes! I love how things are expressed in “carbon cost” nowadays.

Link (Times Online)


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