Global Warming Follies

Are you scared yet?

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on March 20, 2008

The GW scare machine is ginning up again. Now its National Geographic warning of “massive” earthquakes.

As ice sheets melt, they can release pent-up energy and trigger massive earthquakes, according to new study.

Global warming may already be triggering such earthquakes and may cause more in the future as ice continues to melt worldwide, the researchers say.

A series of large earthquakes shook Scandinavia around 10,000 years ago, along faults that are now quiet, the scientists point out.

The timing of each earthquake roughly coincided with the melting of thick ice sheets from the last ice age in those same places.

So “large” earthquakes (not as massive as “massive” earthquakes, I guess) “roughly” coincided with melting ice sheets 10,000 years ago. I would think that, given the fact that we’re talking 10,000 years ago, “roughly” might mean anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years from cause to effect.  Even that seemed to me to be too wide of a timeframe for me to plan my life around.  But no:

 They began in the south of what is now Sweden about 12,000 years ago, then hit south-central Sweden near modern-day Stockholm around 10,500 years ago (see Sweden map).

Finally the earthquakes hit Lapland, in northern Scandinavia, about 9,000 years ago.

Turns out, what they mean by “roughly” is actually 3,000 years. Tell you what: if your scared by this potential,  you go out and earthquake-proof your house. I’ll watch. 



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  1. Tim G said,

    Does homeowners insurance cover earthquakes caused by global warming? Could be big business for the the insurance companies. 😉

  2. Pooja Sethi said,

    Smart work on global warming issue……….. I really appreciate your efforts…. amazing………………… and I will try to read you blog frequently………

  3. Elaine said,

    Well, I’M scared s**tless!

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