Global Warming Follies

Never mind. (Again)

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on March 11, 2008

At some point you have to wonder when the press will do a proper job of being skeptical about claims by the GWers. Last year they reported unquestioningly that the floods in England were caused by GW and we should expect more. Now? Well…never mind.

Freak rain, not global warming, blamed for last year’s devastating £3bn floods

The devastating floods that deluged Britain last summer were not caused by climate change, contrary to the claims of politicians and green campaigners, scientists have said. ‘


A major new study says there is no evidence that the “exceptional river flooding” – which caused more than £3billion damage and left thousands homeless – was anything other than a freak “100- to 200-year” event.

At the time, there were claims that the floods were the result of climate change – and a taster of the sort of floods that would become more common. Last year, as Gordon Brown visited flood-damaged homes, he blamed the events on climate change. “We’re looking, if you like, at 21st-century extreme weather conditions,” he said at the time.

Remember, Gordon Brown is the same British Prime Minister that had his claims about plastic bags disproven too. (See earlier post.) Will the British press put those two facts together? Don’t hold your breath.



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