Global Warming Follies

Global Warming and recyling

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on March 7, 2008

You might wonder what the two subjects have with to do with one another. No, I’m not trying to create a nexis between the activity of recycling and either an increase or a decrease in GW. I just think that when you hear the certainty with which the GW activists state their conclusions, its helpful to remember that we’ve been here before and those same people said many things with great certainty before.

They especially said a lot about garbage: we produce too much much of it, we’ll be buried in it, we’re running out of landfill space, curbside recycling can pay for itself, recycling is good for the environment and on and on. The problem is, nearly none of that is true. And yet, I dare say a majority of Americans have been taken in by the hype and dutifully try to “save the planet” by sorting their garbage.

The linked article from the New York Times Magazine is a little dated but it addresses the claims and truths of the recycling phenomenon. Its also a good reminder that group-think is the stock in trade of the environmental movement. A religion to the true believers with its own rituals, doctrines and heresies. Once those doctrines are adopted they are vigorously evangelized and the underlying assumptions are never re-examined.

Substitute the players and see if this excerpt sounds familiar in the global warming context:

The leaders of the recycling movement derive psychic and financial rewards from recycling. Environmental groups raise money and attract new members through their campaigns to outlaw “waste” and prevent landfills from opening. They get financing from public and private sources (including the recycling industry) to research and promote recycling. By turning garbage into a political issue, environmentalists have created jobs for themselves as lawyers, lobbyists, researchers, educators and moral guardians. Environmentalists may genuinely believe they’re helping the earth, but they have been hurting the common good while profiting personally… This is the real Tragedy of the Dump: the waste of public funds on recycling programs, the needless public alarm about landfills.

The article is a long one, but it helps to understand the mindset and tactics of the environmentalist lobby in order to see the patterns in today’s global warming discourse. They have clearly learnd their lessons from the success of the recycling movement and have adopted them in toto in their GW advocacy.



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