Global Warming Follies

What’s going on with our children?

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on February 25, 2008

If the anecdotal news story we shared the other day about juvenile enviro-nazi-ism didn’t get your anxiety up, how about this. A new poll conducted in Britain by Nickelodeon has found that youngsters it calls “Greenagers” want to change the way you live because they believe they know more than you. These are some of the study’s findings (modified for clarity and style):

95% of children aged between 4 and 15 were ‘concerned’ by global warming, with more than half ‘very concerned’.

70% of those polled believed climate change is something that will affect them in their lifetime.

85% thought people should be more concerned about the issue

59% of children were aware of the concept of a ‘carbon footprint’ and were keen to alter their home life in order to reduce it

Three out of four believed they were more fluent on the subject than their parents

Now how do you suppose our four to fourteen year-olds got so “smart”? Would it surprise you if I told you it was partly from the same boob tube that we plop them down in front of as an electronic babysitter for hours at a time?

The research has been conducted by the UK kids’ channel Nickelodeon as part of their environmental campaign called ‘Nick’s Big Green Thing’. The channel has launched a week of programming to encourage children to create a greener environment.

One of the week’s hosts, acclaimed adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild, was delighted to see the youngest generation were paying attention to the subject of global warming. He said: “Our climates changing quicker than anyone ever expected and we can’t afford to ignore the signs.

“The good news is we have the solutions and this research proves that kids are taking action helping to create more stable environmental conditions for our future generations.”

How about the same school we ask to be our kids’ surrogate parents for eight hours a day?

Despite the awarness of home environmental initiatives, the respondents felt that they learned more about the environment from school teachers rather than their parents.

Tim’s comment about “1984” seems even more on the mark now, doesn’t it?



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