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“L’enfante terrible” or “l’enfante indoctrinated”?

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on February 23, 2008

This is a fascinating article about what little environmentalist Nazis our children are being indoctrinated to become. Read the whole article to see the unquestioning, self-righteousness of the little “Environmental Youth” brown shirts and their pathetic, cowering parents.

The hodge podge of environmentalist truisms is kind of funny, like taking shorter showers will save the polar bears. The GW’ers sacrament of making a “Hummer pi-ata” (Do you think they meant pinata?) for beating on at a “global warming” birthday party, is also a real stitch. The problem is, these kids really believe this stuff and their teachers are telling them to defy their parents to “save the planet”.

The parents may be the worst as they seem to be hoping that their children will take pity on their greenie failings and not turn them in to the Greenpeace SS.

Marika Martin is a vegetarian. So is her husband, Charles Gonzalez, who rides his bicycle to work every day in New York City traffic, rain or shine.

The couple cares deeply about the environment, but if you ask their kids, 12-year-old Sinika and 8-year-old Soren, it’s sometimes not deeply enough.

“My hopeless mother is obsessed with plastic bags,” said Soren, a third-grader and huge fan of Al Gore’s global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

“A lot of plastic can’t be recycled,” chimed in his sister, who’s in the seventh grade. “The turtles can get suffocated and it can go into the water. My dad gave her a cloth bag but she doesn’t use it. Plastic drives me nuts!”

… “I get it, I get it, I’m a bag lady,” Martin said of her plastic-wrapped groceries. “But I’m always doing spontaneous shopping so it’s hard. It isn’t always feasible. Of course it’s making me feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t use them but in everyday living it’s hard.”

Another mother/daughter exchange illustrates the SS analogy:

Recycling day in Amanda’s apartment complex is Thursdays. Her mom, Trina Brosius, admits to sometimes tossing rather than recycling when metal and plastic piles up in the interim.

“My mom throws bottles away. Even cans,” Amanda said. “She just sold me out,” mom admits.

What’s even more scary is the helpful AP sidebar that advises parents to, among other things:

– Respect your child’s point of view by listening.
– Research (if necessary) your environmental options if you can’t say “yes” to a request.
– Acknowledge with pride your child’s desire to create change.
-Compromise when possible by taking “baby steps” towards a mutual goal.

Along with suggestions like:

– Plastic bags drive your kids nuts. But you’re constantly shopping on the fly and forgetting to carry the nifty canvas bag they gave you for your last birthday. Do you promise to do better or explain that plastic is a fact of life?
Acknowledge that you haven’t been as conscientious as you should have been with regard to carrying the bag they gave you. Agree to use paper instead of plastic when you forget.

I have a few more I’d like to add to this list:

– Remember that you are the parents and that you have the primary responsibility for educating your children.

– Use attempts at indoctrinating them as learning tools to help them research topics on their own and become critical thinkers and not just vessels for other people’s thoughts.

– Teach your children to respect you as their parents and as a way to earning respect for themselves and their ideas.

– Make sure your children understand that many people who become true believers in causes can become intolerant of conflicting views and it’s important not to become like that.



3 Responses to '“L’enfante terrible” or “l’enfante indoctrinated”?'

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  1. Tim G said,

    I just realized that those kids remind me of 1984. Creepy.

  2. Karin said,

    I know the first woman in the example. Believe me, both she and her children have a fine sense of humor and are not in the least bit “creepy” or without critical sense.

  3. tjgavin said,

    I think the reference was not to the kids themselves but to the way they have been taught to enforce the latest Big Brother pronouncements against their parents.

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