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Actually not a bad idea for flood plains…

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on February 8, 2008

floating house

Here’s another one brought to use by our friends at Gizmodo. (Ok, so I don’t actually know them, but I do read them every day!) It looks like a Dutch architecture firm has taken it upon themselves to design houses that float.

Holland may soon be dotted with floating buildings as Dutch architects plan against global warming. The country is already 20 percent below sea level, and rising water levels are a concern. A flooded river is no threat to a floatable building with airtight foundations, and with slack built into electricity and water cables feeding it, the whole kaboodle can simply bob upwards. The gallery shows some building concepts, dreamed up by a company called Waterstudio, among others. Melting ice caps? Bring’em on.

Now, I can’t read Dutch, so I’d really like to know if it was truly their intention to combat global warming or if they had just regular, run-of-the-mill river flooding in mind. Anyone read Dutch? Of course, I think I would recommend this to anyone living along the Mississippi River that seems to be prone to flooding every once and again.

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  1. tjgavin said,

    UPDATE: I guess I’m not as bright as everyone says I am 😉 I just figured out that the site is available in English. After a little perusal, I didn’t see anything about global warming or rising sea levels from the company themselves, just from the media reports about their projects. Go figure.

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