Global Warming Follies

Creating “The 40% Church of England”

Posted in Common Sense,Follies by tjgavin on February 6, 2008

How interesting. In a time of great strife for the C of E due to its abandonment of the Bible, it decides not to focus on what the Church was established by Christ to do (spread His message of salvation) but instead to use what little moral authority it has left to push yet another unrelated cause. My suggestion? If the C of E wants to be “The 40% Church” there’s no need for a new program. It should just keep doing what its already doing. That way it’ll reach its goal long before 2050.

Shrinking the Footprint is the Church of England’s national strategic campaign to enable its members and institutions to address – in faith, practice, and mission – the pressing issue of climate change. It aims to challenge, encourage and support the whole body of the Church to shrink our environmental footprint to create the “The 40% Church” by:

  • Making a difference now by following the Shrinking the Footprint path – simple steps to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources by 2008
  • Planning to make a difference in the future through a growing series of strategic initiatives and partnerships which will change Church activities, structures and processes, producing sustainable reductions in the Church of England’s carbon emissions to 40% of current levels by 2050 – “The 40% Church”

Shrinking the Footprint’s first challenge to the Church is to lighten our energy load to mitigate our impact on future climate change.



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