Global Warming Follies

I thought churches taught that “Jesus saves”. Turns out all we need is a reduced carbon footprint.

Posted in Follies by tjgavin on January 21, 2008

Churches invited to help save the Earth

Local congregations of all faiths are being invited to do their part to save the Earth.

Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City is hosting the “Cool Congregations” workshop Saturday. The workshop is designed to get parishioners to learn how to reduce their carbon footprint, said Sarah Webb, co-creator of the Cool Congregations program.

“Global warming is the hottest issue out there,” Webb said. “We’re trying to reduce our global warming pollution.”




4 Responses to 'I thought churches taught that “Jesus saves”. Turns out all we need is a reduced carbon footprint.'

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  1. anne said,

    “doing little things like switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and hanging your clothes to dry can have a big impact.”

    Sounds like being good stewards of God’s creation to me… Semantics aside, reducing household energy use conserves expensive resources for the big picture and for our checkbooks.

  2. T Rossow said,

    There has been a strong liberal movement in all the mainline churches over the last 50 years. The most profound loss in this movement is the truth you point out – that the Christian church is all about the salvation of Christ. Once they allowed empiricism to trump the truth of God’s word it was not long before they had to give up on the blood atonement of Christ, since it does not stand the test of human reason to claim that the blood of a man from Nazareth put to death on a cross in Jerusalem for inciting riots, could forgive the sins of the world. Once they gave up on that they needed a new rationale for the church’s existence. After all, what are a bunch of dumb German and/or Scandinavian immigrant Lutherans in Iowa City going to do about thier regular meeting time. They can’t give that up. “We’ve been coming here to this church building for 137 years every Sunday. I can’t quite remember why but now that you mention it, it seems like reducing our carbon foot print is a good reason to get together.” The carbon footprint issue is only the latest in a string of replacements for the blood atonement of Christ. First it was feminism, then it was homosexuality and now it has become eco issues. All of them are rooted in man’s rights rather than God’s truth.

  3. David Milz said,

    First, this must be an ELCA congregation; second, it’s Iowa. All in all, a devastating combination where rational thought is at stake. Finally, somehow I don’t recall Christ’s commission to, “Go, and reduce the carbon footprint of all nations…”

  4. Janet (Larsen) Slaughter said,

    Hooray for a church that helps its congregation learn how to better care for our one-and-only earth. This is a workshop, not a sermon. They are not replacing the teaching of God’s Word with the teaching of ecology. If they were giving workshops on financial planning or parenting, it wouldn’t even make the back page. Three cheers for everyone who really cares enough about our children’s future to actually do more than just talk about it.

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