Global Warming Follies

Had you any doubt?

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on January 19, 2008


SPPI today reveals 35 errors in Al Gore’s discredited climate movie An Inconvenient Truth .

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, an expert witness in the UK legal case condemning the movie, compiled the science-based list in response to recent inaccurate public comments by Gore’s environment advisor relative to the High Court’s findings.

Said Monckton, “Each of Gore’s 35 errors distorts or exaggerates in one direction only – toward unjustifiable alarmism. The likelihood that all 35 would fall one way by inadvertence is less than 1 in 34 billion. Gore’s movie is not only inaccurate but prejudiced. The movie is unsuitable for children. It should not be shown in schools.”

The nine discrepancies between scientists and Gore listed by the Judge include:

Scientists: Greenland and Antarctica may add 2.5in to sea-level rise in 100 years. Gore: 20ft. Scientists: Pacific sea level has hardly changed. Gore: whole populations have been evacuated. Scientists: the thermohaline circulation may slow. Gore: it will stop. Scientists: in past climate, temperature rose before CO2. Gore: CO2 changed first. Scientists: long-term climate shifts and deforestation are melting the snows of Kilimanjaro. Gore: “global warming” is at fault. Scientists: over-extraction of water and new farming methods dried Lake Chad. Gore: “global warming”. Scientists: one-off events like Katrina cannot be attributed to “global warming”. Gore: “global warming”; Scientists: high winds killed four polar bears where sea ice is growing. Gore: they died swimming to find ice. Scientists: an exceptional El Nino bleached corals in 1998. Gore: “global warming” did.

Some of the additional 26 errors include:

CO2 effect on temperature will be ten times the consensus value. “Global warming” caused a south Atlantic hurricane, additional Thames Barrier closures, malaria and other diseases, bigger weather-related insurance losses, more US tornadoes and Japanese typhoons, unprecedented Arctic warming, stronger hurricanes and Mumbai floods. The sun directly heats the ocean. Greenland and West Antarctic may soon melt. Himalayan melt waters are failing. Peruvian and other mountain glaciers worldwide are in unprecedented retreat. The Sahara is drying. CO2 is “pollution”. Footage of an advancing glacier calving is evidence of “global warming”. CO2 concentration will reach 600 ppmv by 2050.



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