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Common Sense from the NYT

Posted in Common Sense by tjgavin on January 2, 2008

The purpose of this blog will be to catalog all of the absurd allegations spewed by the media regarding global warming. We are not here to say that global warming is not happening, but there are problems with the way the issues are reported. Read more about our stance on the issue in the About Us section.

This one’s not funny just amazing. We must be moving in the right direction when even the New York Times starts to question whether the media has gone overboard on the “sky is falling” rhetoric about GW. Of course, this comes after years during which our friends at the NYT gleefully participated in the global warmongering.

John Tierney writes,

“Today’s interpreters of the weather are what social scientists call availability entrepreneurs: the activists, journalists and publicity-savvy scientists who selectively monitor the globe looking for newsworthy evidence of a new form of sinfulness, burning fossil fuels.

“A year ago, British meteorologists made headlines predicting that the buildup of greenhouse gases would help make 2007 the hottest year on record. At year’s end, even though the British scientists reported the global temperature average was not a new record — it was actually lower than any year since 2001 — the BBC confidently proclaimed, ‘2007 Data Confirms Warming Trend.'”


“When judging risks, we often go wrong by using what’s called the availability heuristic: we gauge a danger according to how many examples of it are readily available in our minds. Thus we overestimate the odds of dying in a terrorist attack or a plane crash because we’ve seen such dramatic deaths so often on television; we underestimate the risks of dying from a stroke because we don’t have so many vivid images readily available.”



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  1. Susan said,

    Global warming is such a fad! It won’t be long until pop culture is “so over” it (hopefully). Thanks for the info; I’ll be faithfully reading this blog.

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